In Memory of...


Darin Painter

As you probably know Darin Painter had studio 121 at Art Works and he has served the artists' community for many years by providing exceptional framing for paintings, prints, photography and pretty much anything you can imagine that called for a frame.  When a piece of glass broke in the gallery, he'd come to our aid.  When we had a rush order for 20 frames of the same kind, he got the job done in his usual professional way.   He would often stop by the office to chat or make a copy on the copy machine.  And we will really miss his presence at Art Works.



Connie Barr-Winternitz

Darryl Reese

Darryl passed away in May, 2014. He will be dearly missed by the artists at Art Works. He was one of the first artist to lease studio space when the art center opened in 2003. He quietly worked in the evenings painting the figure and landscapes. During the day, his studio would be viewed by many visitors who could see works in progress and watch a painting in the many phases before completion. He graduated from the University of Virginia has a BA in Painting. To view some of his work, click the painting above.

Gigi Brothers

Gigi passed away in May, 2014. She was a much loved and highly regarded artist in the Richmond Community.






You can contact Art Works, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia from noon - 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays (804) 291.1400.

All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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